Home Loans For Teachers in California – Home Buying Program

We provide special home loan programs for teachers in California.  This includes discounted financing for first time home buyers, as well as great refinancing options for teachers and educators of all kinds.

California Teacher Home Buying Programs

Teachers in California will be glad to know that they may qualify for one of the best home loans in the marketplace today.  Qualifying educators may be entitled to one of our special rate, discounted fee loans.  Additionally, many teachers may be approved for an FHA loan which perhaps provides the very best first time home buyer loan program.

California Teacher FHA Mortgage Loans

FHA is an advantageous home loan for many reasons.  The two most notable reasons are that FHA insured loans only require a 3.5% down payment for home purchase loans, including first time home buyers.  Additionally, FHA has great refinancing options for teachers which includes a streamline refinance that is an efficient process that only requires a small amount of documentation.  If you would like to view the FHA loan limits by county in California, click here.

California Teacher Mortgage Refinance

Educator Mortgage provides several refinancing programs for teachers in California, in addition to FHA loan refinancing.  We have a multitude of conventional home loan products that range from fixed rate and term loans to adjustable rate mortgages (ARM).  We also have many unique refinancing options for investment properties.

To learn more about all of our different home financing programs for teachers in California, contact us today and we will walk you through all your options.

Who We can help

We can help all types of educators with their home loan needs.  This includes everyone from K-12 teachers to college professors.  We can also provide special loan programs to other school professionals, such as principals and general school staff.