Mortgage loans are gaining high popularity due to their convenience of approach and the kinds of benefits associated with it. Getting a mortgage loan is a boon for all those individuals looking to purchase their own house. With these kinds of loan facilities, anyone from even a low to high income group can buy their dream house. Mortgage lenders are thus, playing a very crucial part in this regard. There are multiple lenders, both- government and non-government based, who are significantly lending money to the borrowers willing to go for a mortgage home loan to buy their property. There are multiple kinds of loan programs including the government refinance program to conventional home loans, that can be opted by individuals based on their budget and financial burden handling willingness.

At Educator Mortgage Program, we truly understand what the borrowers are looking for and offer exactly the right elements , making your loan, worthy. Working towards making the loan borrowing process simpler and easy to avail, we aim at satisfying our borrowers and their financial needs, too.

What makes Educator Mortgage Program one of the highest rated mortgage lenders?

Being a mortgage lender is not an easy job. Right from understanding the true technicalities to evaluating every single aspect of validating a borrower, there is a lot of responsibility to handle. Thus, it is very important to be a learned and equally alert lender when it comes to lending loans to the borrowers in need. Holding a team of professionals by our side, we own our accountability and stay highly responsive in closing the deals with the right intent and legalized work flow.

Here are a few attributes we own that has transformed us into one of the highest rated mortgage lenders-

  • Leveraging technology for our clients’ ease and benefits

Use of new technology is the key to every business success. Similar goes for lending jobs as well. It impacts the entire mortgage broking industry, too. As one of the best brokers in the mortgage industry, we believe and make use of technology oriented working system to use them automate our channels and work system to enhance our own work and client experiences, too. Making advantageous use of the technology, we amplify our daily tasks, processes, procedures, automated communication channels, etc. to simplify and upsurge our overall work structure.

  • We make the data make sense at every step we take

None of the businesses can run and operate without access to right data. Data becomes a pivotal part as far as the lender/client relationship is concerned. In order to use the right analytical data, our experts keep an eye on the client data and mortgage guidelines to connect the dots and serve our clients in a better manner. Analysis of data helps us identify the most suitable borrowers and any lags in the optimal flow of the process at every step. This truly helps us offer a better service to our clients by understanding their needs and offering the most suitable mortgagee options to them. In addition to this, optimal use of data management helps us manage our overall database as well, making us the most apt and well managed mortgage lenders.

  • Anticipation is the key

As a lender, it is our prime responsibility to offer multiple advantageous mortgage loan options for our clients, failing which our clients will have to beat around the bush. Keeping our clients’ priorities on the top, we help them make the best choice, out of the most applicable options they have. Our focus is to anticipate the future aspects and matching the right mortgage plan to match their needs and affordability. If a lender can anticipate well, both the lender and the borrower are sure to benefit mutually. As a prime lender, we understand this fact and keep a balanced focus on both the aspects rather than just profit making. Analysing your needs, we anticipate the best options that will work for you even in the future at the cheapest rate but maximum returns. Anticipating both the long term and short term affects of these mortgages, we carefully suggest the most apt loan options.

  • We don’t just lend loans but lend our efforts to build good relationships, too

Mortgage lending is not like any regular loan offering service. It doesn’t just concern setting up deals but building the most valuable relationships, too. The average mortgage home loan term runs from 25 to 30 years, which means a lender-borrower relationship needs to at least last for this period of transaction. However, our mortgage lending offer is not just restricted to one-off transaction, but it corresponds to building a lifelong business relationship with our clients, too. Regular communication triggers, touch points and meet-ups are a part of our overall process to manage our CRM systems.

  • We know- Time matters for all

Nobody likes to be a part of any time taking process. Especially when it comes to borrowing loans under any government refinance program or conventional home loans, time is a major contributor. If your lender is always lagging in delivering the loan and processing your application in time, it could be completely annoying. Cutting down all such flaws, our job as a mortgage lender is to save both- the time and money of all our clients.Offering the right mortgage loan options, using our expertise to deliver the best and analysing the client portfolio as soon as possible, our aim is to process and grant your loan in the simplest and easiest manner.

Well! These are amongst some of our attributes that definitely keeps us ahead in the league! Need help with your mortgage loans, connect with us!